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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Requirements and Fee
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The Construction Institute's BIM Certificate Program consists of six(6) Workshops designed to provide a basic understanding and knowledge of the technologies, business, organizational, legal and insurance issues, relative to each participant in the project's life cycle.

Cumulatively, the Workshops will provide a practical road map for the implemntation of BIM on a project and highlight the advantages of its effective use.

The first five(5) Workshops should be taken in order to complete the BIM Certificate.  Any of these Workshops may be taken separately to meet individual specific needs or as electives to meet other Certificate Program requirements.

If you register and pay for all six workshops at one time, you pay a discounted fee of $1,060 (a $110 savings off the price of individual workshops). Individual Workshops are $ 195.00.

Register for any Certificate Program, pay for all six(6) Workshops in advance and receive a discounted Certificate price of $ 1,060.00.
(a $ 110.00 savings off individual Workshop pricing!)


  • BIM for Design and Construction
  • BIM for Owners and Facility Managers
  • BIM: Legal and Insurance Considerations
  • Shifting your Office to BIM: Preparing and Executing an Action Plan
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) through Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Construction Institute workshop elective
    (suggested workshops "BIM to Field" or "Project Constructability")

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For further information and details:
Laura Eldredge
t: 860.768.5869

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